Welcome to the Mahavir Swami Institute of Technology (MVSIT), Jagdishpur Sonepat (HR). The prestigious-Mahavir Swami Institute of Technology, since its inception in 2009 has made remarkable progress by following the mantra of overall development in terms of technical skills, soft skills and personality development skills etc. using student-centric approach. The institute possesses a state of art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories, well-stocked library, and highly qualified faculty.We are sure that the excellent academic environment and the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities will help students towards all-round development.

Along with the commitment to developing excellent scientific, engineering and professional skills, the students are motivated to dream beyond horizons and unconventionally to face even unpredicted challenges; and thus providing a platform for entrepreneurship. We not only strive to train the brains & skill the hands of the students to become excellent technologists, thinkers, and leaders of the society but also help them mold themselves into better human beings.

It has been our constant endeavor to install in our student’s ethical values thereby making them socially responsible citizens. The campus provides an ideal opportunity to students to learn and shape their career. A beautiful quote we believe in: “Education has been the most powerful tool, you can use to transform the world”. At MVSIT, we as members of committed team have been continuously and consistently putting efforts towards achieving the vision and mission of the institution. I invite bright & keen students and faculty to come and be a part of MVSIT family. Take a tour of our campus virtually or in person. I am sure you will be impressed the more you know about MVSIT.

Dr. (Prof.) Sanjay Kumar