BBA course is designed to provide basic understanding about Management education and to train the students effectively and inculcate entrepreneurship skills in them. The students are prepared to explore opportunities being newly created in management profession. It also aims at explaining the business environment in which the public and private sectors operate. It helps students to develop decision-making ability in real time business situations.

It also focuses on developing operational and analytical skills in students to tackle business problems in different sectors. The case studies discussed in classes exposes students to real-time business situations and challenges faced by the business leaders. The students are required to choose a specialization of their interest in the last year of the program, which further facilitates them to develop their management skills in a particular sector. The successful completion of the course leads the management graduates to get the basic knowledge of various fields such as general managerial principles, processes, and concepts. These are building blocks for working in the different type of organizations in diverse business conditions. A wide range of opportunities opens in front of the students once the course is completed. On the successful completion of the BBA, graduates will be able to develop leadership skills, creativity and entrepreneurship, handle future challenges of business, choose careers in the public, private and government sectors, further study in advanced level programs in management studies.